Guest Factor offers consulting & interim management in marketing and sales for hospitality and leisure brands.

High-tech communication with integration of new marketing tools as well as high touch service / experience form the basis of a method in which the guest plays the key role. This way companies and their guests are brought closer together.

My know-how of industry contacts and know-how inner working help to give a front-row seat to understand business.

Together we take on the challenge to realize business growth by identifying, creating and delivering customer value.


For this purpose, the need-oriented business and marketing model 'Relationship truths' by hotelier Chip Conley is used. This model helps to make the most of the true potential of all stakeholders, creating brand loyalty and long-term relationships.

My broad expertise and insight from the hotel and entertainment industry in Belgium and abroad guarantee the development and implementation of an effective and sustainable strategy based on the company culture. 


Guests become brand ambassadors and you welcome guests that make you happy.


  • Industry experience and market knowledge, knowledge of operations

  • Collaboration with the best expert partners in online marketing, media purchase, public relations, research and training

  • Entrepreneurial, result-oriented and hands-on approach

  • No-nonsense approach, we like to keep it simple

  • Anticipation on trends and (online) media opportunities

  • Team motivator and inspirator

  • Experience in commercialisation of a Dutch brand on the foreign / Belgian market

Margreet is the person who can move a company in the right direction because of her enthusiasm and professional attitude. She’s empathic and loyal, a colleague you can count on. Fast thinking & fast action is what makes Margreet succesful. She isn’t afraid to make the right decisions, even if it’s not the easiest path to follow. Margreet is a dedicated, fun(ny), genuine and inspiring colleague. 
If you need a hospitality professional that delivers great value for your company, you can count on Margreet.

Annelies Grietens, Efteling Bureau België


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